Resistance bands exercises for beginners

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Resistance bands exercises for beginners

If you truly believe that you are going to need a bunch of weights to be able to get into shape, then you are wrong. You can get all the same benefits from using exercise bands. There are plenty of moves out there for beginners that you can use for bands exercises. They can be more effective than just dumbbells because they help your balance, and improves your strength. Bands allow you to have a full range of motion workout, so you are going to target all the muscles that you normally miss whenever you use weights. If you need to get some good bands, try Knitbonbons Outdoor, they have plenty of items for beginners and more. These exercises are going to be the best to start out with.


Lunge with Bicep Curl

Put the middle of the band under your left foot and then put your right foot behind you, like you are going to do a regular lunge. Using an underhanded grip on the bands, start doing a bicep curl while your knees are bent and you are lowered into a lunge position. Do this for 20 reps and then switch to your right leg and repeat.

Hug the World Plie

Stand with your feet being wider than just shoulder width apart and point your toes outwards. Wrap the band around you and place it at bra level or middle back. Extend your arms and make them slightly curved to the side, while you hold the band firmly in your hands. Bring your fingers together and bend your knees until your thighs have become parallel to the floor. Open your arms and go to the start position. Do this 20 times.

Squat with Overhead Press

Stand on the middle of the band with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the band at shoulder height with your palms away from you and with your elbows bent. Squat into a deep position while you press your arms over your head. Keep your body weight on your heels and resist the band while you move into the standing position. Do this 20 times.

Crunch with Lat Pull Downs

Loop your band around a sturdy and stable object, like a door knob. Lay on your back while gripping the band while your arms are extended. Raise your legs up and then bend your knees so that they stay parallel to the floor. Crunch your upper body forward while you draw your arms to your knees. Go back to the starting position and do this 20 times.

Side Lunge with Side Raise

Stand with your feet being wider than shoulder width, and keep one band under your left foot. Grip the band using your left hand. Now get into a lunge on your opposite foot, and then sweep the left hand going towards right foot. Take and push off of the right foot and then go back to the standing position. Raise your leg up while raising your left arm. Do this 20 times and then switch sides.  

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