KBB Outdoor Fitness Set of 5 Exercise Resistance Bands & 2 Gliding Discs

New Sold Out KBB Outdoor Fitness Set of 5 Exercise Resistance Bands & 2 Gliding Discs

How to Get Your Perfect Body Shape at Your Home?

Knit Bonbons Outdoor provides a unique home fitness kit equipment, comprising of 2 gliding sliders and 5 different range of resistance band with a finger stretcher for body shaping in a flash.

To sum up, this unique kit is ready to use for

  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Body shaping

So, let’s talk about our Gliding Sliders first:

  • They help you to build muscles and burn calories
  • They facilitate you to do your favorite exercise, e.g. planks, pikes & bridges.
  • They are light yet compact that you can do your daily exercise at home or gym
  • Double sided to ensure a great workout at any place while they can work on multiple surfaces
While the Resistance Bands:
  • They are comfortable, soft and easy on the skin
  • They are lightweight as a great travel fitness kit
  • They come in 5 different colors to suit your style

KBB Outdoor always got you back, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Perfectly for body stretching, powerlifting and resistance training
  • Perfect For Body Shaping
    Everyone deserves to be healthy and look great. KBB Outdoor fitness set of sliding discs, resistance loop bands and finger resistance band facilitate you to target all muscles groups, from your abs to glutes and legs. Let them get your desired body today!
  • Variety, Safe & Effective
    KBB Outdoor gliding disc core sliders and resistance bands are the perfect kit of equipment to define your own workout! You can choose appropriate resistance level from our multiple color bands, while exercise discs ensure your hands and feet never leave the floor, featuring a low impact but highly effective workout.
  • Convenient to Use
    KBB Outdoor always make things easier, including fitness. Whenever you need to get workout, our light yet compact exercise discs and resistance bands allow you to take them wherever you go. Bringing our carry bag, you’ll use all of them for stretching, power weight program or general exercise anytime and anywhere!
  • Exclusive Offer
    FREE finger stretcher is included in KBB Outdoor fitness set. When you text, drive, type or any activities required to use your gripping muscles, our finger strengthener is one of the best trainers for you. Now, we offer it as a free gift when you purchase our fitness set. Get it while it’s hot!

    Product specifications

    Package Includes

    • 2 x Gliding Discs
    • 5 x Resistance Bands
    • 1 x Finger Stretcher
    • 1 x Carry Bag

    Resistance Bands' Color, Rally Value and Net Weight:

    • Green (5 LB) and 10 gram
    • Blue (10 LB) and 15 gram
    • Yellow (20 LB) and 21 gram
    • Red (30 LB) and 26 gram
    • Black (40 LB) and 33 gram

    Gliding Discs' Color and Net Weight:

    • Blue and 103 gram


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